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Live Performance Hardware:
Film Software:
Apple MacbookPro
Novation SL61 midi controllers with a Behringer FB1010 Midi Footboard.
Amplification is Crown and EV.
D/A - A/D Converters are by RME
Final Cut Studio, Motion, Shake, Color
Terabytes of RAID arrays
Gigabytes of RAM
Audio Software:

Logic Audio ( Logic Pro, Logic Studio..) and its companion programs (Mainstage, Compressor and Waveburner) almost exclusively. I use a number of 3rd party plug-ins with Logic and Mainstage as hosts.

Some of these plug-ins are made by Universal Audio, Izotope, and Musiclab.
Drums are DKFH Superior & Metal Foundry by Toontracks
Pianos are " Ivory " by Synthogy
Guitars are Realstrat and RealLPC by Musiclab

Using the above combination of hardware & software I am able to create the virtual guitar, plugged into virtual pedal FX board then into a virtual amplifier head, choose the tubes, circuitry type, speakers and speaker box type, microphone types, distances and position from the "speaker box" and the virtual room that all of this lives in. 
When I play, all of this happens in about 10 milliseconds !! 

I record all my (real) guitar tracks as "audio" ... rarely do I record or keep the midi data...
I like having my tone and performance very "live" after years of using sequencers and the like...

There is editing on some audio tracks, but not much.... I'm going old school and just recording what I play.
Using this method my laptop is the "instrument" and I just plug the audio from it straight into the studio patch-bay...